The Israel Museum Wine Tastings Festival

Every year in August the Israel Museum holds its annual Wine Tastings Festival. The recently renovated and re-opened Israel Museum is Israel's flagship museum, and a beautiful sight to behold in day light, not to mention if after hours when darkness sets in on Jerusalem, and the artistic architecture of the museum is lit up.

The Israel Museum Wine Festival showcases Israel's finest wineries, including Binyamina Winery, Tavor Winery and many other well known names in the wine world, serving their finest selections to the festival's wine loving crowd. An entrance ticket will also allow you to see the entire museum at night time, a truly magnificent experience, as well as your own complimentary wine glass for you to re-fill throughout the night with wines of your choice. 

In addition to your nightly visit to the museum's exhibits and attractions, as well as the various wines which will surely brighten up your mood, the wine festival also presents live music performances. 

The Israel Museum Wine Tastings Festival, 2011